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Sir Slash:
Hello under_score. Welcome to the_Grogs.  O0


--- Quote from: under_score on February 04, 2021, 08:14:50 PM ---I've only put a few hours into Grand Tactician so far.  I really like the scope of the game - you start a few months pre-war, get to pick some policies to try to prepare some things, then war breaks out and it's a bit of an arms race before any fighting starts.  I've played two battles, one was in the campaign and another I just loaded up one of the historic battles.  Got beat pretty badly in both but had a good time.  I've decided to shelve the game though for now because it was extremely buggy and I didn't want to be soured on the experience.  Hopefully they'll smooth out some of the control issues soon because the game has great potential.

--- End quote ---

Sounds pretty similar to my experience with the game as well.  I've also shelved it for now until it gets polished up a bit.  Still in early access IIRC.


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