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Neptune's Pride?

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Do any of our Starheads from Grogland want to gather together and play a game of Neptunes Pride?

It's a turn a day sort of commitment, and the mechanics are real simple, but the joy comes from the alliances made and broken between the nations.

I think only one player needs to have a full account with them, I'm sure I had one a while back. The other players can join the game with a free account AFAIK. I'm willing to stump up the $10 for a month of premium - so we can set up a private game if there is the interest.

Anyway, let me know.

It looks like a real-time game. Still in Beta, right? Looks interesting but there isn't a lot of info about the game on the website.

Theres a decent AAR over at Rock, Paper, Shotgun - should give you the skinny on how the game plays out.

Arctic Blast:
Played this once before many moons ago...not a bad game. Simple, and it can get tense. I believe you logged in with your Google account then...not sure if that's still the case.

I too played a while ago.  Was assigned random opponents, thought I was doing well then a huge fleet appeared out of nowhere and broke through my line of fleets and took all my worlds while I tried to chase it around.  I found out later that I need to check in more often to make decisions and react.  Its hard to do when all the good websites are blocked at work.


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