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Broken Cresent at TWC


Sir Slash:
A new version of the Broken Cresent mod for MTW2 is just out. Has anybody tried out this puppy or the earlier mod versions?

How dare you do this to me when I am about to jump into Shogun 2 for the next few months at least!

I played a lot of Broken Crescent and it is one of the best mods evah for M2TW. Runs solid, great AI, custom map and absolutely fantastic unit art all around. If you have even a passing interest in the Middle East during medieval times you will probably blow a gasket from excitement.

Oh and IIRC the music is incredible, at least for previous versions.

Sir Slash:
Coming from you Gus, I believe it. Version 3.0 is supposed to be on the way next. How does it play with other MTW2 mods? I don't want it messing up my Third Age mod.

Aw shucks Slash, thanks. Your 10 dollars is in the mail.

IIRC all versions of BC are mod-foldered so you shouldn't have any issues.


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