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May I as a programer who knows how to massage an app, give an idea or two on upgrading an aging engine.

first off you find out what interation is possible, EG entering a building, Entering a vehicle, . then you add a whole new engine to hook to that point EG entering a building with enemy could start a closeup 3rd person melee. The next thing to examine is what your doing in cm2 most things auto target so you could hookon a FPS style aiming system . next you could have a close explosive fire impact like sniper elite. next you could add turn based options like move until contact rather than the 60 seconds, all these things are easy to implement . now you could add audio stuff like officers shouting orders as you give your orders to the men,

I have not read the full thread, just thought id pop an idea or to to a 17 year old engine


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