Enemy Coast Ahead (dambusters raid)

Started by Silent Disapproval Robot, March 08, 2015, 02:58:08 AM

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Thanks for running this game. It was fun and really gave me a feel for it and now I might have to pick it up. What do you feel the replay ability is? Are there variants to change up the play?

Silent Disapproval Robot

There are 10 scenarios that come with the game. 1-5 are basically tutorials that just cover the attack phase at the different dams.  Scenarios 6-8 are of the type we just played and cover the flight of the main force, the diversionary force, and the reserve force respectively.  Scenario 9 combines scenarios 6-8 into one massive scenario.  Scenario 10 is the real heart of the game and adds a planning and training element and requires you to juggle various elements such as procurement, air and ground crew training, recon, security, etc.

I'm still enjoying it but I can see how it might seem a little too reliant on random chance.   There are several variants to the scenarios and the game designer has put up some errata and new/alternate rules at boardgamegeek.