Unconditional Surrender PBF cont

Started by drep, September 06, 2016, 01:00:04 AM

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That HIS stand battle was bloody!

Unfortunately for the Brits the Vassal came up with a 6,4 roll and the garrison was destroyed. Severe weather in Haifa prevented another attack. In Russia, a few units shuffled around to stay warm. Nothing else happened.

For my production, I'll reduce sorties on the 5 air units (2 by Velikiye, 2 in France and one in Damascus) and to mobilize an air unit in Berlin.


Nothing much for me either. I moved an air unit to the Mediterranean, and shuffled some Soviet units around.


I hadn't realized I had let this slip since January. Every time my thoughts turn back to this one, I think about how I can't let the USSR fall too soon so that I can keep the supply line through Caucasus Mountains intact.  :hide: A game of this complexity can't account for everything so it's not as if the designer was neglectful, but shipping and supplying the Afrika Korps through Tbilisi is Axis and Allies kinda stuff.

I'm somewhat embarrassed that I pushed the game into this weird edge case of Axis Turkey and Spain but with an off-limits Med. Then the thoughts of the chess-like combat in the USSR that we lamented over at BGG come up. Is it fair to say that you have also had a big gulp of this game and would rather not finish the pint?


Haha. Yeah that's fine with me.

What you hit on seems to be the problem with abstraction + sandbox. It certainly makes for some interesting situations, though.