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I return!

Started by Arctic Blast, June 06, 2024, 03:52:20 PM

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Arctic Blast

You know, again.

Been a bit! Long story short : last year sucked basically across the board. But 2024 has thus far been a lot better, things are good, and I found myself randomly wondering what was going on over here. That may be a sign of madness, I dunno, but here I am.  :idiot2:


Welcome back, bro! Same old stink, different toilet.
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Daaaamn...welcome back!

слава Україна!

We can't live under the threat of a c*nt because he's threatening nuclear Armageddon.



Glad to see you; love the current avatar choice!
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Sir Slash

Great to have you back Artic Blast.  :shakehands:
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