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Greets All!

Started by warpedexpectant, May 01, 2015, 05:27:07 AM

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Howdy!  I'm interested in hex and counter war games, and some computer war games, i.e., real ones, not Call of Duty.
Interested in the late 19th  and 20th  centuries until 1945.

Newbie trying to make my first war game counters.  Got Inkscape, but the learning curves is steep.




Welcome to GrogHeads!

There's a few Inkscape users around here (like Cap'n Darwin).  You might want to pop your head into the DIY forum and see what they can suggest

As to the 'real' computer wargames ("not Call of Duty") you're in the right place!  :)
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Welcome to Grogheads, warped!
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Welcome to Grogheads!
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Sir Slash

Indeed, welcome to our group and Happy Grogging.
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Welcome aboard, warpedexpectant!  Glad to have you here! 

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