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Started by Jarhead0331, January 29, 2021, 03:24:44 PM

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SDR I have to ask.... Who's the fella in the Amon Amarth (or so it appears) shirt?   ;)  Last picture, top-right
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If they made nothing but WWII games, I'd be perfectly content.  Hypothetical matchups from alternate history 1980s, asymmetrical US-bashes-some-3rd world guerillas, or minor wars between Upper Bumblescum and outer Kaboomistan hold no appeal for me.
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I guess it's sort of nice that the word "tactical" seems to refer to some kind of seriousness during your moments of mental clarity.
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No idea.  That picture is just one I grabbed from DuckDuckGo images.  Only the Star Trek Ascendancy photo is mine.


Sadly, everyone who participated in this week's drawing already has the title in their library. So, no lucky winner. Not giving free games away makes us sad.  :'(

This week we're going to talk about Mechs! 'Cause who the hell doesn't like giant piloted robots?!?  Post about these futuristic kings of the battlefield and your favorite games that feature them.

The winner of this week's drawing will win a code for: Battletech!

Good luck!

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I don't really play too many mech games other than Battletech.  I really liked Mech Commander and Mech Commander 2 on the PC back when they were released.  I dabbled a bit with MechWarrior 3 but my PC wasn't up to snuff at the time.  Same with an old Sierra/Dynamix game called Earthsiege 2.  I remember getting my meager paycheque and spending far too large a percentage of it on the just-released Earthsiege 2 only to have it run like a slideshow on my potato of a PC.

I did pick up the latest Battletech game from Paradox when it was first released and I played the hell out of it and enjoyed it...at first.  I finished the campaign and put it away only to reinstall it once new DLC was released.  For some reason though, I found that I no longer enjoyed it as much as I had initially and that it actually felt like a bit of a grind to play.  Never did finish the career campaign.  Still, I think I got my money's worth.

As for board games, I loved playing the original Battletech when it was released by FASA way back in olden times.  I spent a lot of time making up my own ridiculous mechs and trying them out.  I had one that was 55 tons or so and had nothing but MGs on it.  Dozens of MGs...  It was a cheeseball mech because it exploited the rules system. With so many MGs firing, it was a near certainty that it'd land at least one headshot per turn and damage the enemy mech pilot, regardless of how many tonnes it was.

Can't really recall playing any other Mech-focussed board or minis games aside from Battletech.  I guess 40K has some mech type thingies in it but I've never been a fan of the 40K rules system or universe.  I played a few games of Tripods and Triplanes which is a miniatures system using the WW1 era planes from Wings of Glory vs. a bunch of Martian tripods ripped straight out of War of the Worlds. 

Never clicked with me.  I'd much rather do historical matchups.

I did buy into the newest iteration of the Battletech board game from Catalyst Labs.  It's good fun and looks quite nice.  There's a very active community here in Vancouver (on hold now) and they have way more stuff than I do so I just end up using theirs.  One guy even 3D printed out a bunch of 1 foot tall models and we played a game of that at a convention a few years back.  It was rather amusing because a lot of the pot-bellied old wargamers were getting tired from the constant walking around the map and having to squat down to move their Mechs.  By the end of the game, most Mechs decided to just stay in place and blaze away at one another.

Couple of photos (not mine) from that convention.  The first is from a regular sized version of the game.  The second is the one with the 1 foot mechs.

(As usual, I've already got a copy of this week's game so keep me out of the running.)


I have Battletech already and played quite a lot of it in the past.  My favorite is probably Mechwarrior Online.  Still have that installed and play it once in a while when they have an interesting event going on.
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I don't do Mechs because if I started I probably wouldn't be able to stop. If I had a Mech myself, it would have to be a giant Pug-Of-Death mech with killer Pug Fart Missiles.  :bd: 
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I enjoy Battletech and have played the physical game and the computer games like the Mechwarrior series and Mech Commander.
I introduced my son to the introductory game and enjoyed being beaten by him (I beat him with combined arms, okay!)  We had great fun, unfortunately I can't find the pics right now.  I was going to get him A Game of Armored Combat for his birthday but sadly he said he was not interested.   :'(
There goes my plan of making him my ASL opponent.


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It's been awhile since we've had a giveaway...

Who is interested in Iron Harvest: 1920?

Iron Harvest is a real-time strategy game (RTS) set in the alternate reality of 1920+, just after the end of the Great War. The Game lets you control giant dieselpunk mechs, combining epic singleplayer and coop campaigns as well as skirmishes with intense action on the battlefield for multiplayer fans, Iron Harvest is the classic real-time strategy game fans have been waiting for.

Tradition clashes with scientific and technological progress, while Europe is still recovering from the brutal battles of the World War. Cities are being rebuilt and in the countryside, the era of the Iron Harvest has begun. Farmers are uncovering the remains of the majestic walking machines that had fought on the battlefields of the Great War.

In the midst of this chaos, a new threat appears that will put Europe's very existence at risk. Secret forces are putting everything they can towards destabilization of entire countries, determined to set the world on fire once again and finally seize control.

This is a pretty cool game. All you have to do to be entered into the give-away is talk about Steampunk. Do you like it? How do you think it fits into the wargaming genre? What are some of your favorite Steampunk themed games?

Thanks for playing!
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If you're not interested in Iron Harvest, you should be. One of my favorite games of the last few years.
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We can't live under the threat of a c*nt because he's threatening nuclear Armageddon.



Already have it. Right now it lies in the dark abyss of my backlog.


Not tried any steampunk games, have almost bought a few times... the genre sounds cool though