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Started by Adraeth, January 03, 2018, 06:33:28 AM

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As i stated before, with private messages, i would suggest to allow lower screen resolution for istance 1366x768 or even less.
The engine is not so demanding and the game can be seen very well even with lower resolutions.
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Andy ONeill


Yes, I'm on it.

The game is written in wpf which has a mechanism called device independent pixels. Meaning the measures quoted aren't hard pixels, they're px which will change when device settings change.
I think as it stands you could change windows settings and the scenario editor will cope. So long as you have a rectangular monitor and it's not way too low res.
I've not actually tested that - because I have a bit more sophisticated plan in mind.

The map editor needs work to cope with that sort of thing.

The army editor is pretty much not sensitive to screen resolution.
I've not started on the actual game yet.

The map is currently effectively hard coded in size but will be adapted so it'll scale, so long as proportions are maintained.
I will probably also make the unit treeview on the scenario optionally slide in and out over the map. Maybe also dockable so you can drag it to either side or another monitor (like the dockable windows in visual studio).

Units are actually circular and all the same size even though some symbols are smaller. Eventually, you'll be able to set the size of a unit ( circle ) and that preference which will be persisted.
The map symbols are proportional to the unit size and hence will scale up as the unit increases in size.
The reason for this is that the map symbols are fairly small and you'd need the eyes of an eagle to make them out on small or low res monitors.

Actual game requirements will be fairly low.


Thanks, when there are new versions of the beta engine, please inform and i will download from the link i have.

Have a nice day  :)


Just a really quick note to say that i am following the changelog thread and i like it  :bd:

Andy ONeill

I appreciate a lot of it will be very difficult to follow since it's about code you can't see on an app you can't really see. Yet.
But it's quicker for me to write that way.
At least Ezra ought to be able to follow it.