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Started by Andy ONeill, June 25, 2018, 06:49:44 AM

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Andy ONeill

My test machine is a very old (2010) win 7 Dell Optiplex. 
It was never what I'd call a gaming machine and since the expected lifetime of a pc is 3-5 years so this thing is creaky.
This is still win7 because there's little point in upgrading it and I still offer support on a couple of old apps I wrote.
I'd hope anyone doing any gaming would have a better, faster, newer machine than this.

My initial testing was with the map editor.
This uses multi threading in several places and graphics manipulation so it's likely to be more demanding than the game.
Everything I tried worked.
The background processing which works out what cells a new piece of terrain covers takes maybe a little longer.

There's a noticeable lag in drawing before the "Ink" appears which meant I needed to draw a little slower.
Other than that things went surprisingly smoothly.
I fully expected to see something just not work or take forever.