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Mansions of Madness 2 - with the wife

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My first experience with MoM 2e, with a friend, ended in our absolute failure.  Largely due to my long and absolutely terrible die roll streak (not unusual) mixed with my bright idea of being the monster decoy.   :hide:

First impression of it wasn't that great.  Probably due to being much more focused on my tablet, which I was running MoM's essential game software on, than the game components.  I can see how helpful and space-saving it can be, but we play tabletop games to get a break from the digital ones so that first impression was a bit negative.  Of course it didn't help that I lost the game for us rather quickly, too.  ;D

I'll have to solo it next time, and get used to the idea. 

It is Cthulhu so it is not designed to be easy. 

From a design standpoint you have to press on hard to solve the mystery.  Formal tablet puzzles signal key points.  I run 4 characters in a session.  Two are combat oriented and two are investigator/spell oriented.  You canít investigate every spot, you have to logically follow clue hints, and solving critical tablet puzzles will make or break you.

There is high suspense because you know failure, death and insanity are close by.

Enough bad die rolls will kill you.  But with a normal probability distribution you will not get an ďeasy win.Ē

Neither the wife nor I need to win as long as the game is good.  She has the added factor of only enjoying cooperative games.

Iíve just bought or am awaiting delivery of:
Buffy the vampire slayer
Fortune and glory
Elder sign
Big trouble in little China
Plus I have
Mansions of Madness
Eldritch horror

Over the next couple of years I should have a good set of play write ups on a large number of games in this genre.

I ended up not caring for Pathfinder adventure card game or the Lord of the Rings adventure card game.  LoTR was poorly written and overly complicated.

We just finished the 2nd scenario in Mansions of Madness: Beyond the Threshold Expansion with the wife.

It was very good.  The first scenario you are invited to a dinner party where the host informs you that one of the other 4 guests is trying to murder him - but you don't know which one.  We made a critical mistake trying to finish up all of the interaction when we knew who the murderer was - and ended up having to fight a ghost.  The difficulty at the end was due to player mistakes.

The second scenario is you are asked to help a police investigation of multiple missing persons at a home.  The home is of course haunted, has lots of monsters, and contains four gates to Yog-Sothoth.  We made no obvious errors.  Half the party went hopelessly insane and were eliminated.  The other two were grievously wounded or partly insane and almost out of the game from being crazy - when one of the two remaining characters closed the final gate.  The wife and I each run two characters when we play - and each of us had a fatality.  This was really close with a Star Spawn of Cthulhu doing a final beatdown on one scholar type while the other scholar type closed the last gate.  Both physical types were hopelessly crazy and out of the game by the end.  There was a lot of suspense and a real sense of accomplishment at the end.

Oh, it's a cool game.  Just didn't quite click in my 2-player experience due to how quickly we were beat.  Plus the tablet thing I mentioned.  Would probably enjoy it more on further plays.

Played Eldritch Horror with my same buddy a few months earlier.  After a very close loss after 4 or 5 hours, and more than a few drinks, we quite enjoyed it.   Been thinking of pulling out the Arkham Horror Card game and trying it 2-player but my To Play list is huge and causes indecision on my part.

Did you ever get Big Trouble In Little China?   We had a lot of fun with that one.

Another we enjoyed was Agents Of Smersh, which also has a (quite huge) storybook.  Although it's too easy unless you use the included optional rules to make it more difficult.  Nevertheless, we had some good laughs due to it's tongue-in-cheek James Bond '70s style spy/exploitation theme.  I specifically recall much joking about his spy character turning Honey Pot and attempting to seduce an evil dwarf villain.   :arr:

I have Big Trouble in Little China but have not played a game to conclusion yet.


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