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Secrets of the Lost Tomb with the Wife

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We started Secrets of the Lost Tomb this week.  My wife is playing Professor Forrestal and I'm playing Harrison Quardamendous the 13th.  Our opponent is The Pharaoh With the Blue Eyes - Rhaz Azul'ahamet. 

We are half way through the game and got very lucky on the first level.  Harrison the 13th found the rooms containing the Staff of Ra and the Ruby Scarab on the first level.  We defeated 3 Keepers of the Tomb to obtain the Staff of Ra (carried by Professor Forrestal) and two swarms of Carnivorous Scarabs to obtain the Ruby Scarab (carried by Harrison the 13th). 

Professor Forrestal kept getting cursed which slowed him down.  Harrison the 13th bartered with the Soul Monger giving up most of his soul shards (think monster souls) to purchase the Bow of Sagittarius - a mighty weapon.

Harrison the 13th penetrated the 3rd (and deepest level of the tomb) using his special power to scry the rooms locating the Well of Souls.  Professor Forrestal got doubly cursed by the 2 Sphinx Guardians while Harrison defeated the 2nd Sphinx.  Harrison gave Professor Forrestal his soul shards to barter with the Soul Monger to attempt to remove his curses.

Harrison was able to decipher and open the three locks on the sarcophagus in the Well of Souls opening the crypt and obtaining the Cowl of Anubis.  Professor Forrestal obtained a talisman which removed his curses, preventing future curses or blessings, but also causes him to take additional damage every time he gets hurt in combat.  Forrestal thought this was well worth getting rid of all of the tombs curses. 

This was a really interesting, over the top game.  We both enjoyed it a lot.

Good to hear.

Motivates me to punch mine out and learn it sooner.  O0

The game can be easily modified.  We are already talking about having Lo Pan as the big villain with Jack Burton and Li the adventurers.  Another option is having Manos - Hand of Fate as the villain and having a lot of crackpot effects.  {this is a really bad SF movie done by MST3K}.  The possibilities for weird opponents, heroes, and items is limitless.

I've already incorporated an alternate search rule for attempts to find treasure that I found on a discussion thread.

She liked the game so much I've been picking up expansions.  The third one was delivered this week.  I just sent paypal for the first two expansions after cold-contacting a guy on boardgamegeek who had them available for trade.  Hopefully all will be well on the transaction.


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