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Here is my 13 August 1940 turn of a full (90 day) campaign as the RAF in Gary Grigsby's "Eagle Day".  I'll try to update this on a (mostly) daily basis

DTG   Event
12 August   Strategy: My initial strategy is to have the Hurricanes bounce the bombers and the Spitfires bounce the escorting fighters.  This is to minimize RAF losses while gaining experience.  The cost of this choice is to slow down the interception of the bombing raids, potentially allowing more to get through.
   10 and 11 Group are sent reinforcements from 13 and 12 Group:
   245 Squadron (Hurricanes from Aldergrove NI to Warmwell (10 Grp);
   72 Sqn (Spitfire) from Acklinton to Biggin Hill (11 Grp);
   616 Sqn (Spitfire) from Leconfield (12 Grp) to Kenley (11 Grp)
   Begin to move heavy AA guns from northern England to 10 and 11 Group airbases. 

130430 Aug 40   WX: 42% OVC 300-4500 feet
130912 Aug 40   Radio Activity 65 and building in Luftflote 3 AOR (Normandy)
130918 Aug 40   Radio Activity 98. Launch Gladiators to patrol coast off Portland at 15000 feet
130956 Aug 40   Radio Activity 230. Launch 145 Sqn (10 Hurricanes) to patrol coast off Tangmere at 15000 feet
131018 Aug 40   Radio Activity 292. Recon detected off Dutch coast @27000 feet.  Scramble 3 Spitfires from Coaltishall to intercept. Recon over Cherbourg 260knts@24000 feet.  Scramble 152 Sqn (3 Spit) from Warmwell to intercept.

131036 Aug 40   Radio Activity 310.  Raid of 15 aircraft@14000 feet near Calais.  142 Sqn vectored from patrol to intercept.
131036 Aug 40   Raid 8 is 30 a/c  over Cherbourg at 200knts/11000 feet.  43 and 601 (22 Hurricanes)from Tangmere to intercept. 
131036 Aug 40   Raid 7 150 a/c 120knt/17000 feet over Calais. 501, 32 Sqn (24 Hurricane) from Gravesend and Biggin Hill (12 Group) to intercept, and 72, 610, 54, 65, 74 Sqn (48 Spitfire 1, 12 Spitfire IB) from Biggen Hill and Hornchurch and Fowlmer (12 Group).
131036 Aug 40    Raid 6 75 a/c 160knts/11000 feet.  615, 111, 56, 151 (47 Hurricane) and 64, 616 (14 Spitfire) from Kenley, Croydon and North Weald scrambled to intercept. 
131040 Aug 40   Raid 8 upgraded to 100 aircraft.  152, 234, 609 from Warmwell, Exeter, Middle Wallop (29 Spitfire) and 87213,249,238 Sqn (45 Hurricane) from Exeter, Boscombe Down and St. Eval scrambled. 
131200 Aug 40   All of 11 and 10 group aircraft are committed to a variety of raids.

132000 Aug 40   End of Day: 8 Hurricane and 3 Spitfires lost in exchange for 17 German. 5 Me-109, 6 Bf-110, 2 Do17 and 4 He111.  Only 1 RAF pilot was KIA, but 7 were WIA in exchange for 16 German KIA or MIA and 3 WIA.  Air Superiority drops to 5.  The primary airfields were hit hard, with St. Eval, Finton primary Airfields (10 Group) and Hornchurch, North Weald and Henley (11 Group) struck by large raids. The Germans also conducted Recce missions over numerous 10 and 11 group secondary airfields indicating a continued emphasis on air superiority See image below (Red stars are heavy damage, orange stars are medium damage, green circles are German Recce missions).

   10 and 11 Group squadrons remain rested.  164 Hurricanes and 78 Spitfires are in the replacement pool.  Morale is good with all Hurricane and Spitfire squadrons above 50.  Only 1, 615, 238, 151, 145, 37 (Hurricane) and 616 Squadrons (Spitfire) are below 55 morale.
   Strategy for 14 August I will reinforce the primary airfields in 11 Group with heavy AA guns.  The Bounce tactic may be slowing down the interceptions, as the German raids mostly got through.  I will establish patrols when the German radio chatter goes above 200-225 to attempt to get more raid interceptions, and to mitigate the slower communications due to the damage to the Primary airfield communications facilities.

 NOTE: If ya'll are interested, here is an MP4 of the action.  It will only be available for download for 7 days.  There is no commentary, but I am intersted in knowing if anyone is intersted in me doing a Youtube or continuing with simply providing weTranfer links:   https://we.tl/t-r0nwRFfGLF

   Historical Note: https://www.battleofbritain1940.net/0025.html gives a summary of the 13 August action during the Battle of Britain

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I own the original CD version of this game and have always wanted to revisit it.  Unfortunately modern day computers cannot handle such old software. 

I'll live vicariously through this AAR then!  Thank you Tripoli.  The screenshot of the map is stunning and nothing like what I remember in the original.   
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Quote from: W8taminute on March 13, 2023, 10:20:27 AMUnfortunately modern day computers cannot handle such old software. 

I have the GOG edition and it runs when using compatibility mode (XP or Windows 7).


Quote from: W8taminute on March 13, 2023, 10:20:27 AMI own the original CD version of this game and have always wanted to revisit it.  Unfortunately modern day computers cannot handle such old software. 

I'll live vicariously through this AAR then!  Thank you Tripoli.  The screenshot of the map is stunning and nothing like what I remember in the original.   
Like you, I had the original.  The Matrix version (available here: https://www.matrixgames.com/game/gary-grigsbys-eagle-day-to-bombing-the-reich), when combined with the community update (available here: https://www.matrixgames.com/game/gary-grigsbys-eagle-day-to-bombing-the-reich, and using Windowed mode, only one computer core (which you can set in the Options screen) and with "Windows Vista" compatibility will work on more modern computers.
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Glad to see this great game getting some attention.

As Trip says, the game has gotten some love over the years, including a graphics overhaul. The latest patch allows the game to run fine on my rig: Win 11, multi-core, 64bit.

Sure, the interface is still very 20th century, but the detail and gameplay are unmatched.

The second part of the game "Bombing the Reich" is truly massive. A day-by-day retelling of the Allied effort to bomb the Reich into submission.

The only game that comes close IMHO, is Gary Grigsby's War in West, that has a very deep air game.

For somebody thinking of buying Eagle Day Bombing the Reich I do think the price is on the high side, given the 30 year old interface.

However, it would be a great game on sale and/or with anniversary coupon.
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Fricken subscribed!

A YT series with some simple text additions to point out important data, wouldn't need commentary, btw.
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DTG   Event
140430 August    Strategy: To speed up interceptions, I'm going to have the Hurricanes patrol in the vicinity of where I think major raids will hit.  I will separately have the Spitfire squadrons do the same, at 3-5K above the raid height. The Hurricane squadrons will be directed to hit the bombers, and the Spitfires directed to hit the fighters as soon as they are detected. This should give time for the squadrons to get airborne and get position above the bombers.  WX: 22% OVC 3300-5500

141124 August   Radio activity level 100 over Creypon
141213 August   Order a 2 section patrol of Spitfires invic Middle Wallop.  Raid 2 dctected 20 a/c at 240 knots/15K feet heading towards Isle of Wight.4, 43 Squadron (Hurricane) tasked to intercept
141234 August   Radio activity 204.  Raid 4 detected over Calais, 150 a/c 14K@120 knots.  Possibly Stukas. Launch 64, 616, 602 squadrons (Spitfire) from Kenley to patrol S of London. Intend to use them to intercept the anticipated escort for Raid 4. Launch 145, 615, 111, 32 Squadron (Hurricane) from Kenley, Croydon, Biggin Hill and Westhemp to intercept the probable Stukas

 141238 August   Raid 2 is VID'd as Me-109s attacking West Malling airfield
141241 August   Radio Activity 190.  Raid 4 is now 100 a/c 17k@120.  Approximately 40 escorts @18K feet.  54, 65, 74 squadrons from Hornchurch (Spitfire) are launched to patrol at 19K
141308 August   Raid 4 is Stukas.  Intercepted after attacking Tangmere.  Fairly heavy losses inflicted, but after they had dropped their bombs.
141427 August   Raid 32 detected over Nomandy. 100+ a/c @16K feet and 120 knots10 and 11 Group aircraft directed to intercept.
141445 August   Raid 32 is He111s attacking Portsmouth.  Interception was largely conducted after raid had dropped their bombs.  Heavy damage to Portsmouth rail yard
End of Day   A generally successful day.  6 RAF aircraft lost (3 Hurricane, 3 Spitfires, and 9 pilots WIA, but none KIA/MIA.  German losses were 11 aircraft (4 Bf 109 E, 5 Ju-87, 1 He 111,1 Ju88D)  and 3 KIA, 8 MIA and 1 WIA aircrew. German recce flights indicate that the Fighter Command airfields will continue to be targets.  Bombing Raids were conducted on Portsmouth (84 bombers/62 fighters); Tangmere Airfield (90 bombers, 116 fighters. 145 (Westhampnett) and 238 Squadron (St. Eval) (Hurricane) and 616(Kenley) (Spitfire) has a morale lower than 50.  I'm not sure why these squadrons have low morale, but I will try to go easy on them tomorrow to give them a chance to improve. Because of possible bad weather tomorrow, I transfer 616 from Kenley (11 Group)  to Pemberton (10 Group), and 92 Squadron from Pemberton to West Malling (11 Group).  This gives 616 a rest, while decreasing the congestion at Kenley, which had 4 squadrons attached.

 Historical Note: https://www.battleofbritain1940.net/0026.html gives a summary of the 13 August action during the Battle of Britain

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DTG    Event
150430 August    Strategy: I will continue to execute the strategy laid out on 14 August, but attempt to make the interceptions before the bombers drop their ordinance.
    WX: 25% OVC, 6500-9000 feet
151055 August    Radio Activity (RA) 33 over Wissant and Caffirs.  Four Spitfires from 11 Grp/64 squadron (Kenley) ordered to patrol over South London to intercept expected German Recce
151202 August    RA 105 Launch 4 Spit from 12 Grp/266 Sqn (Wittering) to Ipswich for anti-Recce patrol
151217 August    RA 136 Raid 2 30 a/c over Calais at 10,000 feet/180knts.  615, 64 and 602 Squadrons (Kenley) set to patrol near Kenley
151225 August    Raid 3, 40 probable fighters at 12,000 feet ID'd. coming from Calais.  54, 65, 74, 601 Squadrons to intercept Note: I plan to overwhelm this group, as they are identified.  I estimate I can get a good loss ratio here.
151240 August    Raid 3 is Do-17 with fighter escort. Intercepted near Ipswitch with heavy German losses.  RAF is claiming 61 bombers, but these numbers are likely inflated.
151255 August    Wattlisham Airfield attacked by Raid 3.  Light damage.
151307 August    RA 241.  Raid 15, 30 a/c over Wissant, 7,000@180knts.  Launch 501, 32, 111 Sqds to patrol over south Estuary.  17, 5, 237 Sqns from Debden set to patrol over North London. 54, 501, 32, 72 Sqds set to intercept Raid. 15.
151344 August    Raid 15 is Do 17 bombing Croydon Airfield.  Intercepted after dropping bombs.  Heavy fighter escort.
151309 August    RA 266.  Raid 18.  75 a/c over Cherbourg.  87, 213 Hurricanes, Exeter), 245 (Hurricane) and 152 (Spitfire) from Warmwell set to patrol near Weymouth
151312 August    Worth CH radar reports escorts for Raid 18.  609, 234 Sqn (Spitfire)and 249 Sqn (Hurricane) from Middle Wallop and Boscombe Down scrambled to patrol near Weymouth.
151403 August    Raid 18 intercepted north of Weymouth.
151411 August    Me-110 flying below radar detected crossing coast near Hasings.  Likely bombing raid on Group 11 airfields.  All available Kenley and Biggin Hill aircraft scrambled.
151416 August    Raid 18 bombs Weston-Super Mare aircraft factory
151417 August    RA 205.  Raid 44 (100+ a/c) identified over Calais.  All Group 12 and available Group 11 aircraft scrambled to the Estuary.

151420 August    Me-10 raid intercepted just south of Biggin Hill by 32, 501, 54 Squadrons.  Multiple Me-109 and Me-110 shot down.
151422 August    Me-110 bomb Biggin Hill.  Heavy damage.
151430 August    Raid 44 splits over Estuary. One group continues north toward Colchester, on group heads NW towards Chelmsford.
151447 August    Both elements of Raid 44 intercepted.
151502 August    Raid 44 bombs Fowlmere.
151505 August    Raid 44 splits again, bombs Northolt
151534 August    Raid 44 bombs Duxford
151442 August    RA131    Raid 56, (100+ a/c identified over Calais.  All available aircraft scrambled form Group 11 to patrol invic Estuary.
END OF DAY    Losses were high. A total of 14 aircraft (10 Hurricane, 4 Spitfires) were lost, with 3 KIA, and 11 WIA. In exchange, 11 Me-109, 5 Me.110, 4 Do17, 1 He111, with 10 pilots KIA, 11 MIA and 2 WIA. However, the Germans are flying three times more sorties, and are exchanging 1.5:1 in losses, so this is an exchange ratio that the RAF cannot maintain.
    Heavy German strikes were made on 11 and southern 12  Group  airfields.  Additionally, recon activity indicates that 10 Group airfields will be hit next turn. The strike on the Weston-Supar Mare factory and the recon of the Hawker Langley factory indicate the Germans are starting to strike at the British fighter production.  The good news is that a major strike of 100+ bombers and 200 fighters was repelled at Duxford, as was a similar raid against Northolt with very minimal damage to the airfields.  The low-level raid on Biggin Hill by 40 Me-110's caused significant damage, but the raiders took significant losses and will be unlikely to duplicate that effort in the near future.  The bad news is that Biggin Hill and Fowlmere are out of action for next turn, as the damage is over 50%.  Filton and St. Eval should be coming back on line though.
    145 Sqn (Huricane)(11 Group, Westhampnett) morale has dropped to 38, so I'm going go use them only to go after recon aircraft. 266 Sqn (12 Group Spitfires, Wittering) and 610 Sqn (Spitfire, 11 Grp, Biggin Hill) have a moral of 51 and 52, so they will also go on anti-recce duty.

  Historical Note: https://www.battleofbritain1940.net/0026.html gives a summary of the 15 August action during the Battle of Britain

"Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?" -Abraham Lincoln


DTG   Event
160430 August    Strategy: I will continue to execute the strategy laid out on 14 August, but attempt to make the interceptions before the bombers drop their ordinance.  222 Squadron is sent from Group 12 Kirkton on Lindsey to Eastchurch (11 Group) to both reinforce and spread out some of the Group 11 assets.  46 Sqn (Hurricane) from 12 Group-Digby to 11 Group-Martlesham
   WX: 40% OVC, 600-4600 feet

160944 August   Radio Activity (RA) 80.   Four Spitfires from 610 Squadron on anti-recce patrol 20K feet
161004 August   RA 97
161036 August   RA 145. Ventnor Chain Home reports Raid 6 over Cherbourg.  30a/c @ 120 knots, 13,000 feet.  Possible Stuka.  Set 87, 203 Sqn (Hurricanes) from Exter to patrol @16,000 over Poole.
161038 August   Raid 6 upgraded to 150 a/c, 120knts, 13,000 feet.  Scramble 245 Sqn (Hurricane), 152 Sqn (Spitfire) from Warmwell, 249 Sqn (Hurricane) rom Boscombe Down.
161057 August   Raid 10, 75 a/c 200 knts, 16,000 feet over Calais.  56 Sqn (Hurricane), 54, 74,65 (Spitfire) from Hornchurch, 72 Sqn (Biggen Hill) scramble
161111 August   Portsmouth docks bombed by150 bombers (Raid 6)  doing considerable (98 points) damage.  Interception occurred after the bombers made their drops.  Five (5) interceptors were lost, but significant German losses were claimed by both AA and interceptors.
161121 August    Raid 10 intercepted over Southend-on-the-Sea (North Estuary).
161145 August    Martlesham Secondary Airfield (Raid 10) hit by 49 bombers and 108 fighters, causing no damage.  7 bombers and 3 fighters claimed in exchange for 2 RAF losses.

161157 August   RA 290.  Raid 34 detected over Calais, 30 a/c, 150 knts, 15,000 feet.
161234 August   Ford Secondary airfield bombed.
161248 August    Northolt Primary Airfield bombed by 99 bombers and 141 fighters, then a second wave of  118 bombers and 166 fighters  Minimal damage done. Six (6) German fighters are claimed in exchange for one RAF fighter in the first wave, four RAF fighters were lost, in exchange for a single German fighter in the second wave.
    Only 24 points of systems damage done. While the bombers got through, the interception appears to have significantly disrupted them.
161257 August   Roborough Secondary Airfield attacked by 44 Bombers (Ju-87) and 72 fighters bomb, causing 53 points of system damage
161304 August   Warmwell Secondary Airfield hit by 35 bombers (Ju-87) and 54 fighters, causing 50 points in system damage. 3 enemy fighters claimed. Interception occurred after the bombers made their drops.

END OF DAY   British Losses were 6 Hurricane, 6 Spitfires and 2 Gladiators lost, with 4 KIA and 10 WIA pilots.  German losses were 9 Me-109E, 5 Do-17, 5 He-111, 2 Ju 88, with 7 KIA, 14 MIA.  The British receive the 310 Czech Squadron (Hurricanes) at Duxford (12 Group).  Campaign losses are 16 Spitfire IAs, 27 Hurricanes and 2 Gladiators.  In comparison, the Germans have lost 29 Me-109s, 11 Me-110, 11 Do-17, 8 Ju-88.  However, my aircraft losses are being made up for by industry. 

   The main issue concerning me is the loss of  pilots.  The 10 WIA pilots are experienced, and when combined with the 4 KIA pilots means I am losing roughly a squadron of experienced pilots each day.  These losses are being replaced by less experienced pilots, which will hurt combat effectiveness.

    The Good news is that the production of Spitfire IIs is increasing, with eleven being produced this day, so I will soon be able to transition squadrons to the more capable aircraft.

   I've sent as many squadrons from 13 Group south to 10, 11 and 12  Groups as I feel comfortable with sending, especially with the German units in Norway being uncommitted.  Additionally, several of the squadrons are looking tired.  145 Sqn (Huricane)(11 Group, Westhampnett) morale has dropped to 32, so I pull them out and send them to 13th Group at Acklington for a rest.  I move 266 Squadron (Spitfire) from Wittering to Castle Camps on the edge of 11 and 12 Group.  While it's morale is low (54) , the German fighters based out of Calais appear to be very capable, so reinforcement of 11 Group is necessary.  By basing 266 further north in 11 Group sector, I'm hoping it might be able to cover some of 12 Group's sector, and have an advantage by hitting the German interceptors at the edge of their combat radius.

   The 1.5:1 loss ratio continued this turn, which is a losing loss ration for the RAF.  German recce flights continue to emphasize airfields, particularly in 11 Group sector, and the attacks on the RAF airfields are heavily escorted by fighters (roughly a 2:1 fighter to bomber ratio), so it is clear the Germans are trying to grind down the RAF, forcing me to either defend the airfields, or get shot out of the sky by the heavy German fighter cover.  To counter this, I'm going to have my patrol boxes (in orange in the map below) immediately in front of the airfields that the Germans conducted reconnaissance over this turn.  By doing so, I hope to both protect the airfield while catching the German fighters at as far from their airfields as possible.

  Historical Note: https://www.battleofbritain1940.net/0027.html gives a summary of the 16August action during the Battle of Britain

"Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?" -Abraham Lincoln