Panzerkampf – Clash of Tanks on Kickstarter !!!

Started by Trafalgar Editions, November 25, 2021, 02:28:03 AM

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Trafalgar Editions

The Russian front was the stage for the largest tank battles in History. For the crews of those armoured vehicles there was but a goal, each second, each heartbeat: to survive!

Commander, loader, or driver, they served in a narrow world, where the events of four bloody years turned into an endless string of clashes for a bridge, a hamlet, or a way out.

This is Panzerkampf.

Panzerkampf puts you right onto the fight through a short set of rules meant to put chrome where it's due. An "Ace" or "Veteran" crew is all you need to conquer, live to fight another day, or suddenly die right after the glimpse of an invisible cannon mouth.

Panzerkampf is a simple game system with stunning visuals. You can use any flat surface to play, manoeuvre your detailed tank models and use your own sceneries or those that come with the game. The units move as in a miniatures game, using reference markers.

Trafalgar Editions' Panzerkampf is the first title in a tactical series, based on the armoured vehicles combats on the eastern front of WWII. Understanding the strong and weak points of your vehicle is pivotal to swiftly act and destroy your enemy.

The game is played with tank resin models, scale 1/150, finely detailed and offering a stunning display of the battles.

Today the kickstarter campaign begins, here you have the link:

If you have any questions, please tell us.  :)

Greetings !!!