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Started by spelk, January 09, 2015, 08:06:31 AM

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Still fiddling with this short 4 turn scenario, playing against Axis AI.

I'm a bit unsure about the use of my naval power against the German Mountain troops and fallshchirmjagers. I seem to have a lot of Naval power parked off the coast of Alexandria, and I can move them all into Cretian ports and then assign them fire support missions surrounding the coast and hitting the troops on the island. Is this sort of behavious as intended?

Even with Fog of War off I can't see any Italian or German naval presence, but the scenario briefing says something about destroying the Italian navy.

The Falschirmjagers and Mountain troops are rock hard AF & DF of 12, whereas the British/Anzac force and Greek forces are very small and very weak.The Victory points attached to the ports don't seem to make much difference to the outcome. The Germans only seem interested in one port, and in hitting the troops there.

I haven't been successful in the three times I've played the mission, but that might purely be down to my lack of understanding of the scenarios outcomes. Initially it was the oversight of not putting eyes on my naval fleet.

Anyone played the Crete scenario and have any comments on it?


I haven't played the Crete scenario yet. It might be cheating, but consider restarting the scenario and play it as the Axis, so you can see their starting forces and where they are.  8) What the AI does with them after that is up in the air of course, but at least you'll have some idea of Axis forces in the theater, which is something your historical counterpart would know I think.


I've played Crete maybe a dozen times so far. There are errors in the AI code. It doesn't use its navy properly, for either the Allais or Axis.

That said, yes as the Allies use your navy as combat support. Put a few on S&D missions in the Crete ports to catch the supply missions that seem to work properly. The Axis AI won't use any naval units in any other capacity.

Also asked at the other place and Ron says it needs fixing.