New Scenarios and Updates

Started by solops, January 29, 2015, 09:01:50 AM

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Any ETA on new scenarios? I know v1.03 is in the works...soon?
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Not sure if you are the same person asking over at the official forums, but if not you may want to monitor this answer yet, but seems like Ron stops over there at least once a day to answer new questions so might get a response today.  I haven't purchased yet, was going to wait and see what the next update brought and to see if game chatter increased.  I'll likely pick it up at some point due to the great feedback provided by people at this site and something about it just makes me want to play it.


We released v1.0.3.  It has 54 scenarios.  Since WWIIE initial release in December, we have added #65, #73, and #82.  We are nearing completion of #66, but it was not part of the v1.0.3 install file.