WWIIE V1.0.4 Released

Started by rdockal, June 21, 2015, 09:37:53 AM

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I just uploaded v1.0.4 to Drop Box, and it is available for download.  It does not include scenario 42 and 70, which are still in work (coming soon though).  The major change is the Naval AI ops.   However, it does include the following:

1. Supply trucks do not incur a penalty for enemy ZOC hexes.
2. Fixed railroad bug near Astrakhan (hex 402, 197)
3. Fixed bug causing air and naval units to rebase.
4. Added right click function to automatically allocate HQ Reserve that the player has not already allocated that turn.
5. Fixed bug on Destroyed Units Report.  Modified all Reports so that they display 50 lines on each page, and two pages per screen.
6. Fixed bug on air units blocking supply paths.
7. Fixed bug on air units played by the AI performing air ops outside of their range.
8. Improved Naval AI Supply and Search & Destroy ops.
9. Fixed bug allowing unit to move and keep dig-in status.
10. Fixed bug on combat Moves.

Use the same link that you received when you originally purchased the game to download. The filename is setup4-wwiie.exe.  Please help Schwerpunkt in getting the word out.  Will continue to work on the new scenarios, and listen to your comments on this and other forums.  Thank you for your continued support.




Nice one Ron. I'll put up a thread in our computer wargaming section in case anyone misses it here. :)
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