WWIIE v105 Released

Started by rdockal, July 19, 2015, 08:19:13 PM

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We released v105 today.  You can download using the same link that you were given when you purchased.

With this release, we have delivered 5 patches and 11 new scenarios since the initial release of the game on December 1st.  That is a total of 61 scenarios out of the 102 planned.  The first Campaign scenario #42 East Front Blitzkrieg 1941 is included. This covers from June 22nd, 1941 to November 30th, 1941, a total of 24 turns.  It also is a key stepping stone to the development of #101 East Front Campaign, which will cover the front until the end of the war.

The game changes for this patch include:

1. Supply paths along railroad networks are stopped by enemy controlled cities (garrison).
2. Maximum stack rules (6 ground, 6 air, 6 naval units) are enforced for stack moves.
3. Supply truck moves incur a penalty for enemy unit ZOC (removed v103 modification).
4. HQ Reserve cannot be allocated if distance between combat unit and its HQ unit is greater 12 hexes. +3 is added to the distance if the weather is snow, and +5 if the weather is storm.  2 is subtracted from the distance for German units.
5. A Dialog box is displayed when maximum combats have been reached.
6. Low level unit stack displays has been changed so that the offset is smaller and display stays primarily in the
same hex. (-3,-5 pels instead of -5,-8 pels).
7. Combat modifier for defenders in city hexes is now DF/4 for city points of zero or one, DF/2 for city points of two or three, and DF for city points of four or greater.
8. Units receiving replacements cannot move or attack that turn.
9. Various order of battle improvements have been made.
10. Several scenarios have been added.  #42, #70, #71, #74. Total of 61 scenarios have now been released.  #42 is the first Campaign scenario lasting from 22 June 1941 to 30 November 1941 (24 turns, Operation Barbarosa).

Hope you enjoy.  As always, We will be listening to your comments.



Great stuff Ron! Thanks for the update.  O0


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