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--- Quote ---Me: How many hit points do you have?
Rogue: I have about...
DM: (trying to keep us in character) You can't say "hit points," they don't technically exist. You can say how badly you're feeling so the cleric can get an estimate.
Me: Alright, umm... how are you feeling?
Rogue: On a scale of 1 to 14, I'm at a 9.
DM: ......... *leaves*
--- End quote ---

Okay, that one's going to have me giggling the rest of the night.  :2funny: 


--- Quote ---An orc, an elf, and a dwarf find themselves being granted wishes by an Efreeti.

The orc says, "We orcs need to return to power. I wish all the orcs and half-orcs were returned to their ancient lands." The Efreeti nods his head, and the orc vanishes.

The elf says, "The elves need to get back to their roots. I wish all the elves and half-elves were returned to their ancestral home." The Efreeti nods his head, and the elf vanishes.

The dwarf looks around. "Let me get this straight," the dwarf says, "the orc wished for all the orcs to be gone, and the elf wished for all the elves to be gone?" The Efreeti nods. "Very well, then," said the dwarf, "I'll have an ale."
--- End quote ---


--- Quote ---An elf and a dwarf come across a drow in the woods while adventuring. Preparing to attack, they are shocked to find an Efreeti which offers the three each one wish. The dwarf asks for his home hold to be filled with the best defensive weaponry possible. Not to be outdone, the elf asks for his home city to be surrounded by a huge, impenetrable wall, with no crack, crevice or even gate to fully ensure his people's safety. When it comes th the drow's turn, he thinks for a minute.
'How high is this wall?' he asks.
'About 30 feet' replies the Efreeti.
'And it's completely impenetrable?'
'Yes'. Again, the Drow thinks, before finally opening his mouth to declare his wish.
'Fill it with water'
--- End quote ---


--- Quote ---How many dwarves does it take to change a light bulb?
Five. One to hold the bulb, four to drink 'till the room spins.
--- End quote ---


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