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Thought I would post the content of v108 so far. These items have been implemented and tested. I have also made improvements to the air and naval AI that are not shown.  I have several other items in mind, mostly in the area of ground AI.

World War II Europe
Patch version 1.0.8 Content
1. The combat markers and temporary markers are now reset at the end of each turn.
2. Added list of Russian airfields on Turn 1 in scenario #42 to the Help file.
3. AF of less than zero is displayed as zero.
4. Display OOB has three options. Mouse left click selects the unit and centers the low level map on it.  Mouse right click
allocates HQ Reserve to the unit.  Select the Display OOB or Cancel icons to continue with the game.
5. Fixed bug on Naval Supply ops, Axis only, scenarios 3,4,8,10,11,12,26-32,33-41 and 101.
6. Changed AI self imposed limit from one Naval S&D op per hex to three. Ensures coverage of key areas.
7. Changed the AI so that it follows the weather rule of no ops in storm weather at destination hex. Changed both Naval
and Air ops.
8. Selection of HQ unit for Change HQ Unit ops is now done from the Command Panel.  WWIIE displays the friendly on map
HQ units within 12 hexes for selection. Previously the player selected a hex, and the game selected the top HQ unit in
that hex.
9. A message is displayed for each unit being transferred from the scenario next turn, and one for current turn transfers.

New scenario development includes 36, 37 and 38.  39 is currently in development.  I would like to complete 40 and 41 and release with v108.

v108 is a significant delivery of capability and new battles.


Agent Smith:

It sounds good. I know these things can be a bit "how long is a piece of string", but any rough guess for an ETA on the patch/update?

Bring it on.
I wouldn't mind some kind of "public beta" with the changes so far implemented to be made available though... :)


Hard to predict when v108 will be released.  I can determine the number of hours to build the three scenarios, but the improvement of the ground AI is non deterministic.

Best guess would be six weeks.



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