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Spoiler! No really, we've got Spoiler Tags now


: showyou can now hide text within a spoiler tag

You can either type the {spoiler}{/spoiler} text around the content to hide, or you can use the "Sp" button in the editing toolbar.

Some folks will also use these tags to hide some images in pic-heavy posts to help them load quicker on mobile devices and then people can just expand the pics they want to see.

Heavens and saints above! What's next, a front page?


--- Quote from: bbmike on October 22, 2016, 10:26:16 AM ---Heavens and saints above! What's next, a front page?

--- End quote ---

That would be pushing the envelope entirely too far, bbmike.

And how does this spoiler thingie work anyway, because on the season 7 Walking Dead episode, I can now reveal that Lucille meets : show >:D >:D >:D

: show


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