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Let's shift the discussion of wheat-trading sheep-shippers and other meeple-related gaming over here, and re-focus the other thread on sabres, bayonets, cannons, and cavalry.

Dang, now I have to find out what Munchkin really is so I can post in here.  :P

Munchkin is the awesome.

Not only did I once have my wife in a game of Munchkin, but we were playing at a football game tailgate, and laughing so hard that the rednecks on either side of us came over to see what was going on, ended up watching for a few, and one of them even jumped in the second game.

Looking at my table, I have to ask: where does the game Household Budget Commander fit in? It has logistics and resource allocation, deception and heroic sacrifices, and even an occasional Holiday Stalemate.

Silent Disapproval Robot:
Did you try offering the IRS some sheep or iron?


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