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Started by rickbill, May 16, 2018, 08:36:10 PM

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They now have beta support for iOS multiplayer on tablets yet.

Not sure how much to believe

Fairly simple to put together a standard game without hidden or auto ... dice rolling is ok ... two sided counters, cards, chit pulls ... all pretty straightforward.

They claim pbem is coming, some api support, iOS and Android ... if true, may be great!


so it's essentially VASSAL-on-the-go?
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It's a somewhat-behind-tech-but-promising free TTS, but maybe multi-cross-platform someday.

But the big draw is that the games are all (pretty much, as far as I know) legitimately licensed, unlike TTS which seems to have really dropped the ball on this.  ??? You can download free demos of the games, or basically rent the full games for a limited time.
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Yes, I'd say it might be vassal for mobile devices.  Right now it is supported ok pc and Mac via web app, as Jason said it is not as refined as TTS in some ways ... they are trying to protect the intellectual property of the game companies (requiring submitted game ports to either own rights to or have permission to post game art files).  It is built on the UNITY game engine and they have started beta testing of mobile device support.  Which for me is the draw, I'd be happy to stay with vassal if they would move forward on delivery of support for iOS and Android. ... I see that as the virtual tabletop of the future.  Especially with the# of larger android touch screen "tablets" being made available  :)