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ďAssasins CreedĒ in Japan

Where's Tpek and JH?

Totally missed this thread. I was hoping it might not be console exclusive, but looks like it will only be released on PS4.

Anyway, looks great. Iíve been waiting for a open world samurai game that takes itself seriously.

I am getting more and more of an itch to get a PS4 - started with Bloodborne. I still hold out hope that games like that will one day find their way on to the PS4 emulator service for PC.

I posted a little bit about this in the Friday thread. This game is pretty much all i did this weekend. It is simply sensational. Fantastic story telling, missions that are nearly all interesting to play through and just enough loot and customization to get you hooked and keep you coming back for more. The combat is complex with multiple stances and techniques. There is a point system that is used to focus on perks that suit your play style. Swordsmanship, archery, stealth, etc. Enough options to provide the player with meaningful choice, but not too involved to slow down the action and overwhelm the system as an rpg. You can play as an honorable samurai, a cunning ronin, or a stealthy assassin. I donít think Iíve been this engrossed in a console game since Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Menace. It is definitely one of the finest games on ps4 and a fantastic way to close out the catalog of the system. If you can put aside the fact certain historical liberties have been taken, particularly with the mongol enemies, this is unquestionably a must buy title.


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