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[ended, Barth won!]Civ 6 + all expansions PBEM game recruiting

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Ok! From this thread here: and some PM's I think we have enough interest to finally kick off a Civ 6 game!

Some rules before we start:
-You will and Civ 6 AND all its expansions to join. Sorry if you don't, but the game is much better this way. Wait for a sale on Steam if you want to join in next time as the game is on sale fairly frequently.

-You will have to use the 'Play Your Damn Turn' service. This makes life easy for everyone involved, but there are two things you should know:
1) PYDT requires you to download and install a small tool which will streamline the process and makes it pretty much run on autopilot; it will notify you of a new turn and then download and installs it automatically in your game folders.
2) The only way to login to PYDT is via your Steam API. I personally think this is safe, but if you don't then you cannot join.

-The game effectively uses Hotseat mode so one save file gets sent around to different players. We could do this manually, but I am really not up to the task to managing it to be honest! :) I'll gladly let PYDT do the chores here.

So, what do you need to get started apart from having the game installed?

Go to and setup your profile and download and install the tool.
Use the token string you see in your profile to activate and link the tool so it knows who you are.
Then go to this link:
And sign up for the game.
Now you're set! Wait until we kick off.

Note that Nations are first come first serve, there are no duplicates allowed. I have called dibs on The Netherlands. :P

The Password is grogs4tw

See you there!

Thanks fer putting this together!  O0

I'll try to get setup ASAP, but I'm out of town Fri, Sat, Sun so it maybe Monday before I'm all setup.

I'd like England if possible.  :)

Are there going to be any rules?  ;)

How about any AI players? How big a map? What type of map?

Small map, 6 players, continents. (but we can change this prior to starting if need be)

Any unfilled slot will be AI.

It'll make for a snappy game since this will be the try out.

Do you have any rules to propose?

This sounds good for a first outing.

I'll take Scythia...i think i am ready.


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