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Afghanistan 11 pulled from app store


the software and hardware giant called out the game for depicting “a specific government or other real entity as the enemies.”

Slitherine: “Afghanistan ’11 is probably the only wargame ever produced where killing the enemy is not the main focus of the game. The real objective for the player is to charm and help the Afghani civil population, persuading the local leaders to support the U.S. military and reject the Taliban overlords. Actually, the counter insurgency engine works exactly like in real life’s ‘Hearts and Minds’ military strategy: killing the enemy takes you nowhere, while building water resources or dismantle minefields is the way to ‘win’ each scenario and the full campaign. Indeed, the main goal of the campaign is to build a strong and independent Afghanistan government, and leave the country with all your army.”


“a specific government or other real entity as the enemies.”??????

You'd be hard pushed to find a wargame that doesn't have this trait.

Apple have always had a problem with people having a choice, guess this fits.

Apple's ideological bullsh*t interfering with business (and historicity). What is wrong with these people? ::)


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