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A Few Thoughts on Scotch

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I started drinking Scotch for my health - really.  I used to drink beer in the evening but I became diabetic.  Scotch has fewer carbs = better for a diabetic.

I have Scottish ancestry (Abernethy) though that is pretty meaningless since my ancestors came to North America in the 1600s.  Still, I retain two important characteristics of the Scotch: I like Scotch and I'm frugal.

Fortunately, I find Scotch blends are better tasting than single malts.  "Scotch Snobs" (and probably those with better palates than I) know that single malts are better than blends.  But I like blends and I'm drinking because I want to, not because I have to.  I'm retired so I don't have to drink.  Blends are much less expensive than single malts which warms my heart.

My thoughts on some Scotch Blends are in subsequent posts.

What I like and dislike in Scotch.

Scotch should not taste sweet.  If you want a sweeter taste, drink bourbon. 
Scotch should have a smoky or peaty taste to it.
Scotch should not taste like you are sucking on a piece of burnt wood.
Scotch should go down smooth, not harsh.

Sometimes I want a smokier/more peaty taste.  Sometimes I don't.
Because I sometimes want smoky, I need at least two brands of Scotch in the house at all times.

If you disagree with the above criteria - then take the subsequent recommendations as an "anti-buy" list rather than a recommendation list.

Dewers White Label

Lightly smokey/peaty taste
Not sweet

None.  Not expensive, smooth and good. 

This is my everyday, go-to scotch.  You can find it everywhere.  It is not terribly expensive (you can get a handle for less than $40 including tax in Georgia). 

Johnny Walker Red

As smoky a taste as I ever care for
Not Sweet

More expensive
Usually I don't want something this smoky

I keep a fifth (not a handle) of Johnny Walker Red in the liquor cabinet.  I don't want something that smoky every day, or even every week.  But when I want it I want it. 


Cheaper than Dewar's
Not sweet
Comes in a plastic bottle (It is less likely to break)

Not smooth enough

I will happily drink JW when it is offered to me.  I find it a little to harsh to buy for myself.  But I'm happy to drink your JW, thank you for it, and have a second while thanking you for being a fine fellow.


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