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Looking for a book (or two or three) on the Mexican-American War


Note: also posting in the books subcategory.

My brother's birthday is coming up at the end of August; and while reading Churchill's volume on "The Great Democracies" (part of his history of English-speaking people, written before and during WW2), concerning the 1800s, he discovered the Mexican-American war and wanted to read more about it. Especially its connections to eventual American Civil War leaders.

I don't think I have anything on it myself -- I roughly knew about it already (including its ACW connections) -- so I'm shopping around for recommendations.

So far I'm looking at:

Eisenhower's So Far From God

Guardino's The Dead March

Baur's The Mexican War

Tucker's Encyclopedia of the Mexican-American War (this is an expensive 3 volume library set, actually more expensive on Kindle for some reason, even when it's on sale!  :o Probably not what he's after anyway, as he wants more focus on the characters and strategic/operational/tactical aspects.)

Hannings' US-Mexican War: A Complete Chronology

Henderson's Glorious Defeat: Mexico and its War with the United States (focuses more on Mexico's side for balance purposes)


Dugard's Training Ground: Grant, Lee, Sherman, and Davis in the Mexican-American War

If he really wants to know more about the personalities, US Grant's autobiography has some really good estimations of the people he served with.  And he does cover his own experience in the war with Mexico.
I think there is a free read on Google Books.

Ug...I studied under Tim Henderson.   Used to hang out at his place when he was dating his later wife.  He was my Phi Alpha Theta sponsor.

I'd pull some strings and get you a copy but....yeah...don't talk to that guy anymore.

Seriously one of the reasons I didn't go into academia.  Oh University politics and cliques.

I would really like to find a site with books related to wars.


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