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Been playing Snowrunner on PS4 these last 2 days and I very much like it.
Itís an offroad simulator that letís you drive various vehicles through physics based open world maps featuring mud, slush, gravel, swamp, snow, ice and taiga.
There are 3 global zones; Michigan, Alaska and Taymyr Russia.
Each zone consists of several large maps which are connected via tunnels that function as a portal. As long as you stay in the same global zone people will stay connected in MP mode, even if they are on a different map in the current zone.
The vehicles span from a simple pick-up truck to multi wheeled APCís and from simple trucks to huge heavy duty road trains.
Aparently the game is a continuation of Mudrunner (never played that), so if you are familiar with that game you know what to expect.

The cool part is that the game starts you off with a few vehicles and its up to you to travel through the various terrain types as efficiently as possible while carrying out tasks, doing missions or exploring.

At various locations on the map you can pick up specific types of cargo which can be used to complete tasks. For example most main roads start out with some kind of obstacle you need to remove so bigger trucks can get to other places on the map.
Sometimes this requires a crane to shift stuff around at other times you need to deliver construction material.

Gradually you unlock (and find) upgrades for your vehicles which make them traverse the various terrain better and so tasks that were impossible to do at first now become available.

Especially in co-op mode the game is a blast! Helping each other out when you didnít keep an eye on the fuel gauge and need a refuel, or winch a friends back out of the deep mud after he got stuck is fun!

Its a slow paced game with hardcore mechanics as the roads and vehicles have simulated physics. Weight on axle counts, tyre type is important, you can shift to Low Gear, AWD or lock Differential on vehicles that have the features to try to scale dangerous cliffs or get unstuck from swampy soil.

I am glad I read a few beginners guides cause the game doesnt hold your hand and the starting trucks are quite limited. Save your money to get the Paystar truck asap. Its an offroad beast with all capabilities you need early game.

Sell all trailers you find. And sell the trucks you start with (except for the pickup if you dont have the Kahn Marshall). Do a few tasks and youíll have the cash to buy the Paystar. Thank me later! ;)

It would be nice to truck around with a few Grogheads! Hitch me up if youíre playing!

Mudrunner has been available on Steam for a while, along with its predecessor Spintires, both of which have avid fanbases and updates and mods. (The dev team split ways for sad reasons so they're competing with each other.  :'( Or that's what I gathered.)

I always thought SpinTires was a Russian product, while Mudrunner and Snowrunner are from a US studio, so that was enlightening, Jason. Thanks.
Are there more details to be found about why there was a split up?

Anyway, Snowrunner is my first for the series. The game might not sound very exciting on paper, but I am surprised at how fun it actually is.

Its not only the driving (which is fun because of the deformable terrain), but you are also micromanaging trailer transport, cargo management and repair and refueling of vehicles.

Then you have tasks and missions to have goals to play for. Its a neat package and weirdly engaging! ;)


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