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Who Pre Ordered New Console?

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Just curious, who pre ordered a new XBOX or PlayStation?  I ended up pre ordering an XBOX from Amazon today, but I'll be honest there is a high probability I'll cancel prior to the actual release....just wanted to have one in my queue in case I change my mind:)  A number of reasons for me...

- None of the planned initial games really interest me a lot, although haven't researched a ton
- Didn't use my previous XBOX as much as I would kid is no longer at home, so that use is less too.
- Most of my time still ends up with PC games
- It always concerns me buying the first release of a console, I always suspect there will be some design flaw fixed on future version:)

We'll see over the next month what I decide, just curious about other people's plans, if any.......

I did not, but I am getting a new PC rig on Black Friday :)


--- Quote from: Gusington on September 22, 2020, 10:26:57 AM ---I did not, but I am getting a new PC rig on Black Friday :)

--- End quote ---

If I had to choose between a console and PC, I would go with PC Myself:)  Luckily right now my computer is likely good for a couple of more years before I would face another decision.

I have been tempted by the likes of Bloodborne and similar, but as long as there are emulators and even the remote possibility of PC versions, that's enough for me. For now, anyway.

Not me. I have never pre-ordered a console. I typically get them months after release once they are easier to get and I know there are games I will want to play. Its no question that I will eventually get them, its just a matter of when.


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