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Bacon & Kegs...bacon flavored beer!

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...from Waffle House no less.   Been a while since I've hit a WH.  Maybe time to go back. :-\

That it's from Waffle House makes it perfect.

Sir Slash:
SACRILEDGE!  God made Bacon to taste like bacon and nothing else. If you MUST have bacon flavor with your beer, do like I do, dip your bacon in your beer then eat it. This also works for soft drinks and chocolate milk.  :smitten:

That...actually sounds pretty good.

Dammit Carl!:
Will obviously try it , but man am dubious - got burned on some icky agave/tequila beer years ago, and most recently some horrid Samuel Adams + Hershey's Chocolate beer so outside of shandies, I'm happy to have beer just be beery tasting.

Lol on Waffle House getting into the beer stuff. 


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