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[Avalon Digital] Libertdad o Muerte! / Battles for Spain / Winter War


Anyone up for a PBEM game of Libertdad o Muerte, Battles for Spain, or Winter War?

I think these games generally show their strengths in mid-sized scenarios.  I'm listing the scenarios I'm interested in playing but feel free to suggest any others you prefer.  I'm open to playing either side of any scenario.

Scenarios I'm interested in:

Libertdad o Muerte - I'd prefer not to play the Grand Campaign for this one since it seems mind-bogglingly huge, but if someone wants to commit to it I'd be down.  Otherwise:

* Bolivar (27 turns)
* La Plata 1810 (27 turns)
* Mexico (25 turns)

Battles for Spain

* Guadalajara 1937 (30 turns)
* Ebro 1938 (45 turns)

Winter War

* The Winter War (Grand Campaign -14 turns)
* Plan R4 (6 turns)
* The 1939 Attack (4 turns)

Ooooh I have Winter War on my wishlist but haven't pulled the trigger yet.  I'm waiting for a sale but what is your opinion on the game al?

I've not spent much time with Winter War, but it seems like it has the weakest offering of scenarios between the three.  There's only one scenario that lasts more than 5 or 6 turns, which is the grand campaign.  The other games have a meatier selection of mid-size scenaios.

That said if you're interested in the setting I can totally recommend it.  It took some time to get used to the UI and the game flow (it basically feels like a digital board game) but it's quite elegant and easy to play, with satisfying combat mechanics imo.

Also - it's worth noting that most of my experience is with LoM and BFS, which are both developed by HQ.  Winter War was developed by someone else.


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