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Hello, new here.
2020 was kind of a year of wargaming hobbies for me.  Quarantine and all.  Decided to get into miniatures, so after some research, I settled on Oathmark and assembled and painted a mixed human and undead army.  I think my army list completed is about 3000 points, but I've only gotten the chance to play once - we ran 1800 point armies for that.
After that I started looking into historicals, so now I'm working on a French 28mm army (all Warlord Games stuff so far, but I've got my eye on some Victrix and Perry's) and a German 15mm (Flames of War) army.  Alternating between the wonderful colors of the French Napoleonic army and the grimy grey of the German WWII army keeps things fresh and interesting.  Haven't had the opportunity to play either yet.
On the boardgame front, I've played a lot of Command & Colors Napoleonics and Memoir 44 over the past year.  Mostly in person - I have a brother who lives a couple hours away and has been pursuing the hobby with me, so we meet up when we can, but I've played on VASSAL as well and would be up for trying other games on there.
Computer wargaming, I've been playing some Panzer Corps 2, Grand Tactician: The Civil War, and today I picked up Field of Glory II: Medieval, which looks set to occupy much of my time in the coming months.
So, happy to be hear, looking forward to reading some more discussion around this hobby, and hopefully meeting some people to get some games in with.


Welcome aboard!

Would be interested to hear your thoughts on Grand Tactician.

Welcome aboard under_score.  I also would like to hear your opinion on Grand Tactician. 

I've only put a few hours into Grand Tactician so far.  I really like the scope of the game - you start a few months pre-war, get to pick some policies to try to prepare some things, then war breaks out and it's a bit of an arms race before any fighting starts.  I've played two battles, one was in the campaign and another I just loaded up one of the historic battles.  Got beat pretty badly in both but had a good time.  I've decided to shelve the game though for now because it was extremely buggy and I didn't want to be soured on the experience.  Hopefully they'll smooth out some of the control issues soon because the game has great potential.


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