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Hello Everybody!

I've lurked around for awhile and figured it was time to pop in and say hi.

I've got 3 little ones, so my gaming time is limited, but I've been playing some Afghanistan '11, Rome Total War (the original) and some Decisive Campaigns Barbarossa.   

I have Lock n' Load Tactical Digital, and I keep meaning to try and dive into it.

Also own Panzer Corps 2 and Order of Battle, but I can't make up my mind which one to sink my teeth into.

I think I'm more of a collector than a player at this point  ::)

Anyway nice to meet everyone!

Welcome!   O0  And glad to say you've already passed the Voight Kampff test by talking about wargames in your first post!   :-"

^Hello and welcome! I'm also playing Rome: Total War (remastered) at the moment as the Scipii. Got notified last night that the Julii have one the campaign but decided to continue anyway.

I love the Order of Battle games, especially the Eastern Front DLC campaigns and really enjoyed Panzer Corps 2...both are games that I will be playing more of.

Enjoy your stay here, Cap'n.


--- Quote from: CapnKirk on May 11, 2021, 02:44:08 PM ---
I think I'm more of a collector than a player at this point  ::)

--- End quote ---

Ha! You're in good company. Welcome. Glad you decided to post... :notworthy:

Sir Slash:
Welcome to the Grogs CapnKirk. Great to have you with us. For the Record, I will not be the first to utter a, 'Beam me up, Scotty' line for this thread.  O:-)


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