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Retro consoles emulated on Raspberry Pi devices


I made a couple new "console" pickups.... or technically, they're not consoles, but miniature Raspberry Pi computers with OSes built around retro console emulation  8)

Grabbed two of these off Amazon:  -- One in the format of a Super Nintendo that you plug into a television and play with controllers, and one in the form of a handheld gameboy that you can power with a cable or batteries.  Ran me just south of $400 for both, and I'm real happy with it so far.  Comes preloaded with thousands of retro games from oldschool arcades, NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, Mega Drive, Gameboy, and even some Playstation games like Tekken 3 and Tony Hawk.

Definitely one of the better purchases I've made since starting my new job.  The OS is surprisingly slick for what's effectively a homebrew project.  I've not noticed any input lag whatsoever, though the framerate is limited to what the emulator can achieve.  The gameboy version tore through my first set of batteries like tissue, so I mostly keep it plugged in.  Dunno if the batteries were already close to dead, or if it's really that power hungry, but I was mostly playing Tekken 3 so the 3D graphics might have contributed to the power drain.

wish I had the time for something like this...but glad to hear about your experience....


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