oculus steamVR app still running error FIX

Started by MiniHexer, August 18, 2021, 04:50:30 AM

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When I run some steamvr games they dont shut properly, and I found the usual fixes on youtube, BUT I HAVE A BETTER FIX!

When you exit normally the steamvr app dissappears too, but the app is still running error, SO WHAT I DO IS WHEN I WANT TO CLOSE A GAME , I TAKE MY HEADSET OFF FIRST!!! THEN i START TASK MANAGER BEFORE! I CLOSE THE GAME, I THEN CLOSE IT IN TASK MANAGER, AND STEAMVR APP IS STILL VISIBLE THIS WAY, SO THEN I CLOSE STEAMVR APP WITHIN TASK MANAGER. what I have figured out is the app still running is the steamvr app but normally when you close apps it dissappears from the task manager, so do as i say and you can close apps everytime. just take of headset mid game, then use task manager to close game then steamvr app. and your ready to restart steamvr


zero caliber kept giving this app still running error so this is how i fixed it