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Sierra Toy Soldier Company


Anyone here every purchase from the Sierra Toy Soldier Company? I know nothing about minis but they popped up in my email and I have been browsing their site...they have tons of impressive figures and even the predecessors of the NY State Guard unit I am currently in from the US Civil War:

Curious if anyone has an opinion either way. They also have a lot of First World War era figures and vehicles, which are pretty pricey:

Thanks all

Never ordered from there, but those figures look quite cool and price seems about on par for pre-painted models of those sizes.  60mm is pretty big if you want to use them for mini gaming (15mm or 28mm is the standard), but if you're buying them for decoration the larger size is ideal.

Thanks man, I got a single soldier of the 14th Brooklyn, New York State Militia, which was federalized during the Civil predecessor of today’s State Guard. Meaningful to me on two different levels.

Wow, $43 for one figure?   :o

For a 60mm figure?  Seems real standard to me.


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