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Doolittle Raid, 80 years ago today



Silent Disapproval Robot:
I broke out my copy of Enemy Coast Ahead: The Doolittle Raid by way of remembrance.

Things didn't go well.  The started off with lots of security leaks during the 4 month planning phase.  That was followed by a crane accident loading the Mitchell bombers onto the Hornet in San Diego leading to the loss of one bomber and a delay leaving port.  Poor weather west of Hawaii led to a failure to link up with the Enterprise at the scheduled rendezvous location.  The heavy weather damaged two of the destroyer escorts causing them to fall out of formation.  A Japanese I-Boat exploited the gap in the screen and hit the Hornet with a torpedo.  Mission scrubbed and the Hornet had to limp back to the West Coast for repairs.

how fast time flies


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