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Star Trek : Strange New Worlds

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is just fucking awesome.  O0

So, post DS9 Trek..

I didn't hate much of Voyager but I didn't like a lot.  A handful of Episodes were very strong, a lot weren't.

Enterprise was utterly wasted potential.  It found its legs only in the last season and got cancelled.  Possibly my most hated Star Trek property. a mixed bag.  Some pew pew early, season two was good, I just got lost as it went along.  It felt to disjointed and unconnected.  I don't hate it but it's the only ST series I haven't finished.

Picard, it's a character study.  Season 1 was good, Season 2 was ok and was 10 hours that could've been done in 2.

Lower Decks is great, but it's very meta and very much a press button nostalgia trip.  I love it but it's a distillation of the best of Star  Trek's comedy episodes.

Strange New just episode it establishes itself firmly as TOS and hits every button people felt when they first watched Star Trek in the 60's
It firmly establishes what makes Star Trek great.  It totally sucks the viewer in with a solid ensemble cast, a firm grounding in the world, and then goes directly into what Star Trek is about.  Discovery, adventure, and bold movement forward.

It's Star Trek, more than any series in a long time.  It's what we all wanted when JJ did his reboot.  It's pure, distilled the feeling someone in the 60's felt when they first turned on their new color TV and wanted to explore strange new worlds, and seek out new life and new civilizations.

its the sci-fi I need.  I've had far to much dystopian shit going back to Babylon 5.  I want and need an optimistic view again in todays world.

Silent Disapproval Robot:
No fishnets, no go-go boots, no torpedo bras.  Show sucks.

Not bad. Of course it's no Firefly or B5 but it'll do.


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