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Steel Panthers Main Battle Tank: Rhodesia Bush War

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Scenario Details

Game: winSPMBT
Year: 1970
Turn Length: 27 turns
Visibility: 37 (I think, going off memory here) - if you've not played the SP games, the way this works is your units total vision equals their stated vision in their stats + the set vision for the scenario.
Engagement Type: Meeting (not really, you'll see)
Requisition Points: 3000 each
Forces: Rhodesia vs Insurgents
Players: Greengiant (west start) and Pete (east start - also not sure if he has an account here; my first time playing him)
House Rules: Unfortunately none

Notes: I've never played Pete before; he said this is one of his first games on MBT. That being said he seems to be very interested in war history and created this scenario to mimic some of the skirmishes that took place during the Bush War. So I'll definitely have tech superiority here with the only 'armour' I'm likely to encounter being technicals for getting the insurgents around. What works against me here is that while Pete chose a meeting engagement, the majority of the objective are all within his side, meaning he will most likely make a bee-line for the towns on his side containing clumps of objective points and force me to attack, except I have the same points as him (usually an attacking scenario requires more points to the attacker). I don't mind too much though as he is apparently a newbie and as such I didn't stipulate any club rules used regularly at

I've picked my forces and deployed, but I forgot to take a snap after deployment; the following pic shows pre-deployment (that's why all my units are clumped on the left).  I'll certainly be taking more detailed snaps for the next post as well as some zoomed in shots to provide more clarity.

So you can see the white squares within my deployment zone only contain one objective each; the triangle would be neutral ground and the circles are the clumps of multiple objectives on his side.


* x3 regular infantry companies, and one SAS company. SAS are the Rhodesian Special Air Service infantry, commandos, and all badass to the bone.
* x3 armoured car platoons using the Eland 90 (the only armour available to Rhodesian forces
* about 20 or so Bedford trucks
* x2 air sorties, a line and coin bomber
* a few 25 pounders (x2 batteries I think
* x2 FOO
And that's it. I haven't purchased any supply dumps and I'm hoping that doesn't bite me in the rear come late game. For interest sake, this is what Rhodesia generally used for anti armour at the time, the Energa Grenade.

For what I'll be facing it is most likely over kill as rifles will be turning their technicals into swiss cheese.

The Plan
The majority of the ordinary rifle platoons will assault along the southern edge of the map using the two roads. The center of the map is dominated by massive hills that scream 'shoot me, shoot me now!' so I'll mostly be avoiding it. The southern forces will strike first in the hopes of giving the impression that the majority of my forces are there. Once engaged and once I've drawn in enough of the enemy my northern forces consisting of the SAS company, 2 of the Eland platoons and a single rifle squad borrowed from the south will hit the clumps of objectives in the north.

Mortars, bombing runs and the 25 pounders will ensure my men take minimal losses when assaulting towns.

I thought about playing around with specialised ad-hoc companies but honestly, Rhodesia's pickings are so slim that I don't really see the point.

Aaaand that's it for now, more to come on my first AAR.  Cheers!

Awesome! Please encourage "Pete" to join our forum and post here as well.

Not in the same thread, of course.  ^-^

Looking forward to the AAR! (DAR?)


--- Quote from: Jarhead0331 on July 11, 2022, 12:17:48 PM ---Awesome! Please encourage "Pete" to join our forum and post here as well.

--- End quote ---

Will do.

--- Quote from: JasonPratt on July 11, 2022, 01:11:47 PM ---Not in the same thread, of course.  ^-^

Looking forward to the AAR! (DAR?)

--- End quote ---

Thinking about it yes, you are right this isn't an AAR in the strictest sense; do you think it should be moved to a different section on the forums? And yes hehe, definitely not in the same thread.



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