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this is a lot of fun so far.  :bd:

This isn't a dig at the show at all, but it looks a bit like the writers wanted to do their own thing (sitcom about a lawyer) and the only way they could get it done was to sign on with Marvel and stick in some superhero crap.   :pullhair:

I was going to watch it last night but my girlfriend sneak peeked the first ep and dismissed it.

She's a huge Marvel person too.

I'm going to give it a go on my own I suppose. I love Maslany and keep hearing good things.

Haven't watched the show yet, but I can say the sitcom about a lawyer concept has been front and center in the She-Hulk comics since the character was introduced in 1980...  If it's actually true to the comic origins, I look forward to watching.

all I can say is its just fun to watch.  Im not looking for some award winning thing with deep meaning and thoughts about life. 
as entertainment its 4 stars.  I think this is an often forgotten reason these franchises exist.


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