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...wait, there isn't a thread for this yet!?

Good grief, I have no useful knowledge, or news, sigh...

Fine. FINE! I'll just post pre-season sketches from SEC Shorts to get us caught up:

Well, spent my day in Auburn with my new girlfriend having a Sushi lunch and hitting up the Tiger Walk.

Didn't watch the game but it was nice to be on campus again and good to see football season in full swing.  Don't have high hopes for my Tigers this year but still a fun day.

Did y'all see Airboy!? He and his wife were there, too.


Subtitlers: "throat clearing sound of realizing that Florida is so back, there isn't even a cleat toss joke in this whole sketch" -- although being quite the baroque operators, they made also made that a cleat toss joke anyway.


--- Quote from: JasonPratt on September 05, 2022, 12:01:06 PM ---Did y'all see Airboy!? He and his wife were there, too.

--- End quote ---

No but I figured he was there somewhere.

The tailgate and Tiger Walk were well attended.

Sir Slash:
Fantastic game last night. FSU beat LSU 24-23 by blocking the Extra Point kick that would've tied the game after time ran-out.  :o


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