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Star Wars: Andor

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a slow burn...... 

But good.  I think they made the first three episodes slow because they were interconnected and meant to be watched at once.

they could have done it all in one long episode.
get to the meat!

Yeah, I find that stupid when they do a "Special Three Episode Release" and it's  really just one long one. 

They weren't even full run time, it was an hour and change all told and yes, total setup.

Still, it wasn't a bad watch.  I like Cassian as a character and it set up a really good story about the formation of the Rebellion from both perspectives. 

I like it introduced an Imperial who isn't a mass murdering monster and who will clearly be the misguided antagonist. 

I look forward to more.

""Spoiler warning""

Watched the first episode and then the second two the next night. First two “backstory” episodes were not terribly interesting, but you could tell what they were going for. Last episode was much better……
The corporate security guards seemed pretty aliens3,dystopian future, this is the dirty untold underbelly of star wars.. Not really a kids show would another observation. But at least being Disney they did not go game of thrones unnecessarily over the top adult.
The first two episodes felt very much like I had seen and done all of that throughout TV history. It was like going through the motions of some boring paperwork before getting to do the exciting things.  In general it did not feel star wars.
I liked the droid, reminded me of vincent from the black hole. Beaten up and scared.
I will continue to watch it and hope that the slow prologue is done with and the current tempo keeps up.
The contact/buyer at the end was really cool as well. He seemed very star wars. Very telling that he did not care about the merch too much. Cannot wait to see xwing supported boarding actions ala rogue squadron…. if that happens.
P.s. It has me curious that his adopted mum thought the republic would kill andor, makes sense though in the context of palpatines republic I guess. Somebody I talked to thought the ships personnel insignia were wearing separatist insignia, which he thought were now persecuted and may have been chased to the planet where they crashed.


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