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N00bs Guide to Embedding Youtube Vids in Posts

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After futzing around for a bit I finally figured out how to get a clean link for embedding a video in my posts:

It is important to uncheck the box to the left of the copy box because it seems to screw things up if it is checked. It is only there if the video is linked into a series.

Most of you will probably already know what to do but I thought I'd share my efforts anyway.

I think you can also just copy and paste the url from the address part into the YouTube tags.

There often seems to be added code in the full URL that messes stuff up. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Here's an example:


Doesn't work:

Granted, it's obvious there is much more 'stuff' in the second link but for those of us who don't read HTML and whatnot I thought I'd offer a solution in case "... the damn thing won't work!"

Ahh yes I see what you are saying.  I guess I have only embedded videos  with the shorter URL.  Thanks for the heads up!

yes, if you have code in the URL from
-- a referral URL
-- a playlist
-- a link from an embedded video

then it likely won't embed correctly from the URL in the menu bar
Stagger's 'how to' is pretty foolproof


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