The Groghead Dom3/4 Sub(stitute) Hunting Thread

Started by JasonPratt, August 12, 2013, 08:26:56 AM

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It just occurred to me that we ought to have a sticky thread for people to post up sub requests in a Dom3 (and eventually Dom4) game. We have some other scattered threads, but this would provide a place for the latest sub requests to be collected together for convenience.
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Looking for a sub in Groghammer for Mictlan.  Have staled the last turn or two due to bricking my laptop (at the worst possible time too) so there is plenty of money to spend and a decent position in which to spend it.  I'm sure Jason can switch out the emails and have the last turn sent to you if you wish.  Thanks.


sub needed in DOOOM for pythium.

Pythium is perhaps the world's preeminent power, very high in all scores.  Currently at war with another major power. 

if interested, contact alastair or post here.


Reminder:  Still interested in a sub.  MA Pythium, late game.


sub needed over at Desura in Twiceborn.

mid game.  nation is Arco.  they are in dire straights-you have nothing to lose. 

I'm pretty sure he has a bunch of mages and troops though, so you might be able to set up some nasty surprises(all those astral mages can really mess up your day)

he also has that lightning global up-so those besieging armies are really taking a beating.

actually, if I wasn't playing, i'd sub in, cus it sounds like fun now that I think of it!!

thread is Twiceborn over at desura/multiplayer thread.

thanks for considering!!!


sub needed in DOOOM.

Bandar Log-

im not gonna lie to you, I had no plan in this game.

that said, I built many toys, and lots and lots of sacred troops.

currently in a big war with Tien Chi, but you might be able to diplo out since it made no sense that I attacked.  but I just had so much stuff!!!

anyway, if you'd like to play a late game astral/blood nation with lots of options, this is a great chance.

I just picked up a second job, and doing turns at this stage in 5 mins is a pretty bad idea!!!