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Bacon, the alpha and omega of meats

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You're correct that when properly served, it is delectable.

However, my family has a history of heart issues, so I tend to partake sparingly. Which is unfortunate because each of those looks awesome.

Nice touch with the bacon explosion, too.

I don't think there's really much to discuss.  Bacon is the greatest meat on the planet.  Period. 

All Hail the Slaughtered Pig!    ;D

I don't eat much bacon anymore, but I used to eat hot dogs with bacon wrapped around it similar to the photo above...but I had sliced the hot dog lengthwise and inserted a slice of cheese before wrapping it with bacon.

Then there were those delicious bacon and egg sandwiches. I would brown the bacon on one side, turn it, then add an egg. When the egg was done on that side, I'd turn the combination over and finish cooking the egg before making a sandwich of the mix.


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