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Amazon Echo

Started by airboy, October 15, 2016, 09:32:19 AM

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Anybody have an Echo?  Amazon Music has a punk rock channel that is pretty good.  We cannot pick up XM at the house because we live in a forest.

Would like some feedback if anyone has one of these.


I have been close to buying, just not sure how much value I can really get out of phone does a lot and it travels with me:)


I have one. The voice recognition is pretty good and you can call up all your pandora stations as well a just about a bazillion different radio stations' internet feeds from Tune-In. The sound is above average for something it's size but if you want awesome sound I'd get the Dot instead (saves a few bucks) and run it through some primo stereo equipment. There is also a ton of Smart Home stuff out there that works with the Echo/Dot/Tap but I have yet to get into that aspect.
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