Steam Missing File Privileges

Started by BanzaiCat, June 24, 2018, 01:57:56 PM

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Maybe it's just that laptop, then.

It's not the one I use for work,'s a bit old but it's a powerhouse (32GB RAM, can't recall the graphics card but it's robust - used to use it for video production a lot).


Alba gu' brath


^ This guy knows what's up.  O0

They replied to me in 30 minutes when I first posted my question, and I replied immediately to them...and haven't heard since. I doubt I will but who knows.


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Once I had some time today after getting home yesterday, I installed it on my desktop PC and the game runs with no issues. I'd guess it was a Windows 10 issue but since bbmike says it works for him on it, who knows.