Bamberg 9th March 1632

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Bamberg 9th March 1632

Enjoy the photos another 95 of these are on the website to feast your eyes on.

cheers and keep wargaming the hobby...malc the manc.

The arrival of the Catholic forces seemed to undermine Horns confidence
in the Bamberg position.He positioned his newly raised Solms infantry in
the inadequate earthworks with cavalry screen out front with the majority
of his cavalry waiting on the left flank.Horn planned to let his new recruits
take the brunt of the attack while placing his more experienced forces on the
safer side of the river and sending his baggage and the majority to the rear.

Earthworks were not fully constructed and are classed as soft cover

Objective - For the Catholics to cross the bridge and capture the town
                  the Swedish force was to defend.

Map of the battle

from above

Swedish gun

Catholic cav

Catholic cav move into position

Big cheer for the heavy stuff Catholic boys.

Catholic infantry

Swedish infantry in position at the river

Artillery at the bridge

Imperial Catholic army await orders

Flags and cheers help boost confidence among the ranks.

Swedish regiment await behide the earthworks

The advance order

The melee begins and the pikes push


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